Who is he?





PS) if you have any hacker/security related video/text whatever you would like to have translated to Japanese or 日本語から翻訳 just hit me up via the above or any other means you can find.

profile about me that somebody else wrote:

elkentaro is a technologist by trade with more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector. As a long time translator/facilitator between the rest of the world and the Japanese hacker/cyber security communities he brings a perspective that combines both technical and business aspects on a global scale. Born in Europe and raised in Asia and the US, elkentaro has a unique understanding of cultural as well as technical issues that may impact an organisation’s ability to achieve their business goals. elkentaro currently resides in Tokyo where he continues to help companies deal with cyber threats from a business point and analyst point. elkentaro  is also an contributor to Hacker Japan, the only hacker magazine in Japan.