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Rubber Ducky against Non-English Environments

So thanks to Mr.Robot , Rubber Ducky and PwnPhone have now become a wet dream for some.

Great! I haz a Rubberducky all your base are belong to us!!!!

Not quite…Rubber Ducky uses Duckyscript to pass on the commands to the targeted environment. Yes! I own your BOX!!
True, if the environment was a en-US environment with a en-US layout keyboard……You say , “Whatu no Soysosu?”

Indeed, if the targeted environment uses a non-en-US keyboard, like a Japanese keyboard….the commands will not work..
Why not? Well cause as the ducky is emulating a keyboard the keystrokes it sends are different than what
the target environment is setup for. See below to compare the differences in layouts.



Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 19.29.04



So yea, having soy sauce with your rubber ducky could be a problem when passing on commands with special characters
such as:

STRING mode con:cols=18 lines=1

Because the ducky will pass on the keystroke for “=” but the that keystroke on a Japanese layout is “^” .

The way to get around it is to use powershell and add an en-US keyboard to the target and then set it to it .

1.First just get an administrator command prompt

in DuckyScript:

REM Open an admin command prompt
STRING powershell Start-Process cmd -Verb runAs
DELAY 2000
DELAY 1000

(thank you @hak5Darren) via : 15 Second Password Hack,Mr.Robot Style

2.Then use powershell to add an en-us keyboard layout if the user doesn’t have any. (it will only add it once and not multiple times if it already exists.)

Powershell command: powershell New-WinUserLanguageList en-US

In DuckyScript : STRING powershell New-WinUserLanguageList en-US

3.Then we need to set the default input to the layout

Powershell command : powershell Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US

In Duckyscript: STRING powershell Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US

So now the keyboard layout is set to an en-us (American) keyboard layout so the Ducky can chow down on some nice burgers and hotdogs.
To set the environment back to the original layout just issue the same Set-WinUserLanguageList to the original settings. i.e.:ja-JP etc etc.

Here is a quick demo of the concept:


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同時通訳機詳細/Translation Receiver.




Every conference I have worked on , somebody decides to take home the translation receiver. The last con I worked once again somebody decided to take one home. Ok I can see the temptation , you paid for the con and there is a sexy piece of hardware , you think “Hey its a security hacker con, this looks like fun let me take it home.”

However these devices are EXTREMELY expensive, if I told you how much they cost you would go “WTF?? I can buy a bunch of PCs for that price!!” yes they are that expensive. So for every one that gets lost during a con, the organizing body has to pay for them .

Did I mention they are INSANELY expensive?

Yes so your fun time is gonna costs the organizers and operating costs for the con and at the end toward the ticket price. Also without the basic transmitter these receivers are useless, trust me no pawn shop will buy them.

So rather than me yelling every time about not taking the receivers I decided to put this post up that lists documents for you to read to learn about them. Its an infrared receiver, not wireless , not radio INFRARED so without the infrared transceiver the receiver is useless.

I have also added a link to ebay , however the price listed here is not what the organizers pay, its way more than the price listed.


Here is my challenge to you:

  • If you build one with raspberry or arduino or whatever and prove to me it works, I will buy you a beer.
  • raspberryやarduinoとかを使って実働するレシーバーを作って俺に見せたらビールを奢ります。

製品情報:Product Information

Bosch Integrus System

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.23.30 PM


Product Page/製品ページ: Bosch Integrus


日本語資料:Japanese Documents

LBB 4540 ポケットレシーバー(データシート日本語/Datasheet Japanese)


英語資料:English Documents

インストール/運用マニュアル(English/Install and operations manual)

ユーザーマニュアル (User Manual)


入手方法/Get one

ebay: Bosh Integrus


いろんな活動で有名なJayson E.StreetがDEFCON 22でHak 5のインタビューに答えてた、内容が良かったので字幕を起こしてみた。8分ぐらいのインタビューだが、なかなか良い事を言ってる。本当は字幕を埋め込んだ動画を作りたかったが、OSをアップデートしたら動画エンコーダが動かなくなり、まともな動画が作れないので今回はYoutubeの字幕で対応。(kickstarterでケンタロウにちゃんとした機材を与えるプロジェクト希望・・・)原文を読みたい人は字幕ファイルをダウンロードしてテキストエディタで開けば読めるはず。

字幕ファイルはこちら:Jayson Street Interview at Hak 5 Translated.


Hak 5
Dissecting  The Hack
I am the cavalry
Jayson E.Streetツイッター


ps) Hak 5, Jayson E.Street  the interview was great.Wanted to share it with others in my community. Hope you guys/girls(snubs) don’t mind. If you ever get to Tokyo , let me buy you a beer.


インフルエンザで倒れてしまい危うく全部がポシャるところだったが、ぎりぎりでAVTOKYO, CODE BLUEと3日間のイベントを乗り切った。AVTOKYOは参加者という立場だったので純粋に楽しめた、日本にはまだまだ面白い研究やリサーチャーが居るなと言うのが正直な感想。自分たちが思っている以上に海外でも十分通じるだろうからせっかくなので色んなCFPに参加するといいなと思った。

CODE BLUEは運営スタッフだったが、参加者の多さが印象的だった、世相の違いだろうなと思ったがそれ以外にも発起人、実行委員会、スタッフの努力の結果だろうなとも思った。



1.エル・ケンタロウさんって、日本人ですか?/ Are you Japanese?
-Yes, however I have lived in Europe the US and Japan so I have been around.

2.エルは本名ですか? Is El your real name?
-No. It started as a pun of a professional wrestler El Samurai, however since then my large body and attitude has lead to people saying it meant L-size. Some of them also believe its L for Love..

3.プロの通訳なんですか? /Are you a professional translator?
-No , I am a freelancer and I help Japanese companies work with non-Japanese companies.

4.ハッカーですか? / Are you a hacker?
-I used to be more technical but I now focus on more social and cultural elements and their impact to our industry.

5.どうすれば英語が上手くなりますか?/ How can I improve my English?
-I often believe people are programmed to learn that their English is not good enough. The existence of “international trade divisions” inside companies are proof of this. I have seen numerous instances where when a little alcohol helps people talk to each other. English is just another programming language where the output is audio.

6.同時通訳トランシーバーって高いのですか? / Are the translation receivers expensive?
-Yes, if you have one please return them.

DEF CON Doc. Bonus Clip: No Money From U

字幕化はまだまだ続きます。今回はDTことDark TangentのAlexis Parkでの思い出話。


Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 1.07.07 PM



日本語字幕ファイル(Japanese subtitles file)


Dark Tangentってだれ?:The Dark Tangent

その昔、DTと撮ってもらった写真(via @gohsuket on flickr)

meetup with Jeff and Cayce P1020641

Black HatなBlackberry?

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