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Hardest ever? You got to be joking.

On the heels of the Google XSS challenge. Recruit Holdings a company in Japan set up an online crypto challenge aimed at students looking for internships.

Students are encouraged to figure out the puzzles in a pseudo terminal like interface.

cause engineers all love terminals...

cause engineers all love terminals…

The puzzle is for the Recruit Holdings Summer Internship 2014.

Now it seems that there are people genuinely trying to solve this one question at the time. However there are also others who are no longer students but figured it would be fun to take on the challenge.

The challenge was considered  “extremely difficult” by some local media outlets stating  nobody had actually solved all the questions. Well…sort of.

@nstuji solved the problem by looking at the source code of the site. Figured out the logic behind the puzzle ran some tools and solved all the puzzles in 04:29 minutes. Without actually reading any of the questions…..


@sen_U solved it at an amazing speed of 01:10 (1 minute 10 sec)
Also without ever reading the questions.

courtesy of @sen_U via Facebook

courtesy of @sen_U via Facebook


I on the hand figured I just roll back the clock to give me infinite time.

Back to the future hack

Back to the future hack (not even a real hack…)

Now according to twitter search result  there are people actually spending hours and struggling to solve the puzzle.

If you are hiring  I guess you want people who would tackle this challenge as intended, one question at the time. Then again if you ask those to be “innovative” , I’m not sure if you would get qualifying leads.

There are far more complex online challenges out there and some great online tournaments too. In general the site is a fun way to kill some time if you are bored but fails to deliver on its promise as the “most difficult online challenge ever”………Next time hire some real engineers to build a harder quiz or learn from any of the CTFs held online.

If you can beat the current fastest 1:01 show me a video and I will buy you a beer next time we meet. Fastest time wins. No rolling back of the clock.(been there done that)




Defcon wrap

So I got an iTaste MVP mod. I got the silver color version and found the finish ok.  I wanted some more personality and looked around for some custom wraps, there were some cool ones but none struck me as me. So I took the DEFCON logo bought some inkjet sticker sheets and made my own skin.

DEFCON patterned iTaste MVP.

DEFCON patterned iTaste MVP.


Here are some advices:

1.Get the right type of paper.
a) Make sure its the thin type not the thicker paper type. The thicker it is its more difficult to wrap around the corners.
b) Also get some UV protective adhesive sheets. You can buy some “make your own sticker” paper that has this extra sheet.

2.The voltage/wattage window square is really difficult to cut. Practice on some throwaway paper to make sure.

The way I did it was:

1) printed the pattern on the thinner “make your own sticker” paper. (I think it actually was called , “make your own label” paper)

2) then wrapped the MVP with the printed pattern.

3)carefully carved out the voltage/wattage window.

4) to remove air bubbles use a sewing needle to pop the bubble.

5) Wrap the whole MVP with the thin UV protective coat sheet.

Start vaping.


Here is the pattern: DEFCON pattern
(right click “save linked file”)