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Are we ready?

There he was sitting on the stool staring at the light reflecting of this glass casting an amber glare on to the bar. 12 years ago the big storm changed everything. Little of the old world was left standing as massive tidal waves swept through the costal cities. People ignored the signs, the warnings. Who could blame them prior to the big storm it was years of fudding through media and other social network outlets. People just got tired of it , they ignored it like spam email back in the earlier part of the millennium. People automatically filed it under “it will never happen when I’m alive” news. Then the big storm happened. It started out as a hurricane off the coast of Malaysia , it was a regular monsoon during the monsoon season, the news showed villages being flooded and people evacuating. Nobody paid attention to it was just another storm. The storm kept advancing devouring neighboring countries and building strength each time it hit another country. By the time it reached Taiwan the storm had grown to be the largest storm ever recorded. Japan and Korea braced for impact it was too late. Critical infrastructure elements like highways, trains , power plants all came under attack by the massive storm. China tried to scale down the storm with their weather altering technologies only to have it backfire. It did alter the storm but it made it even stronger. During the two month timeframe the storm had wiped out what mankind had build in two millenniums. Life was reduced to basic survival. The carefully crafted social order in the Asian region no longer existed, the rich escaped to other parts of the world. The poor saw the massive storm as the great equalizer of social injustice they formed gangs and took over what was left, the weak simply didn’t survive. The western world stood by as they saw the devastation rip through the region, their economy was so depended on the exponential growth in the region that the storm brought down their economy indirectly as well. Much like how Asia was the factory for western culture , the west was catering to the insatiable commercial appetite of Asia. With Asia forced back to pre-industrial times the West had no change to survive on their own. Hyper inflation ripped through the NAEU (North America European Union) and people lost much of the little wealth they had. It didn’t matter where you lived, the storm impacted everybody. The nuclear fallout of all the nuclear power plants and secretly developed nuclear weapons by nations rendered the oceans unlivable for any life form. The shores along the pacific rim got littered with deformed and mutated sea life. Once considered the greatest environmental asset the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia was now dead and stood there much like the old ruins of Pompey reminding people of what was once a rich habitat for life.

12 years and mankind has slowly rebuild social structures but the human race as a whole suffered from what once was classified as PTSD , Post Traumatic Syndrome. People didn’t care to rebuild for the future people just wanted to survive their daily lives. Religious cults sprung up like wild flowers feeding people their lies of salvation and recovery.

“Another drink?” the bartender asked him. “Sure if you can call this a drink I guess” he answered as he looked up. Industrial chemicals transformed into a potent cocktail , much like the meth tweakers once used to shake and bake their drugs, the new world was filled with synthetic mood altering substances moonshined from stuff the old world never would considered to become a “drink.” The bartender grabbed the bottle labeled “Electric Dream” and pored out a shot. Mack pulled out a small notebook tore a page out. Then he grabbed a blade and made a small cut on his thumb, a small amount of blood dripped out and fell on the paper. The bartender grabbed the paper and stamped it with a rubber stamp. “April 17th. 2212 / New Alexis City.” Blood currency,which started out as a rumor was the new form of barter. Supposedly somewhere in the new world was a group of scientists trying to rebuild the new world and that they were collecting DNA samples to be used to genetically engineer the next human race to lead the rebuilding of the world. Nobody knew where but the rumor spread like wild fire and gave to blood currency. “You got to drink that one fast cause I’ll be closing fast before the sun sets.” said  the bartender as he grabbed the blood stained paper and put it in his apron. The lack of electricity forced mankind to shifts its hours from the 24 hours of life cycle that once ruled the cosmopolitan cities back to ancient times. Now the day started when there was enough sunlight and ended at dusk. Mack raised his knuckle toward the sun shining throw the window, a old survival trick that he had learned. The distance between the horizon and the sun divided by the length of his knuckle was the hours left before the sun would set and the city would be in total darkness. “Need somebody to spend the night together with?” a girl approached Mack, even in the new world the oldest profession known to mankind still was thriving. “Naa not tonight” Mack picked up the glass threw the liquid down this throat as he stood up and turned away. An hour and half , thats what his knuckle told him just enough time to make it back to his hideout and prepare for the night. Mack walked out of the bar onto the streets and started walking west.


World is unprepared for major El Niño later this year