Quick Intro to Tokyo

So you decided to come to Tokyo. Now what?
here is an old writeup I did for a friend who was coming to Tokyo for the first time , I’ll update it later, maybe with some pics…


To get to Tokyo from the airport, DO NOT TAKE A CAB!!
the airport despite being called Tokyo International Airport
(NARITA) is not located in Tokyo. Its in Chiba. So it would be
like taking a cab from San Jose to San Francisco. You are better
off taking the fast train Narita Express.
Which is very comfortable and will get you to the middle of Tokyo.
Or take a limousine bus ride , also very convenient.

Akihabara, the famous electric / manga/anime city block of Tokyo
Okachimachi , this is where the original black market started after WWII .
Its very Asia, dried squid sold next to the fake Nike shirts etc etc.
Asakusa , a landmark of Tokyo, one of the biggest temples and a vibrant downtown district.

Probably something to do on the weekend.
Akihabara closes down pretty early around 18:00.

The cool part of this is that , all 3 locations are very close and can be covered in half a day or less. You can actually walk from Akihabara to Okachimachi then take the train to Asakusa.

Walking directions:

The newest thing would be the new broadcast television tower they just launched.


I personally think its ugly, and the older tower is much prettier.
(also less crowded)
Tokyo tower is also the tower that got destroyed a lot in the old
Godzilla movies.

The view from Tokyo Tower

The view from Tokyo Tower

If you are more into the art scene check out this site:
or  The National Art Center Tokyo.

If you are the “active” type , a quick jog around the imperial place is always cool.

For the history buff,
The controversial Yasukuni Shrine is worth a visit, they also have a
extremely right wing patriotic museum next to it.

Or the Meiji Shrine

If you are interested in cool fashion in Japan a quick
walk around Shibuya(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibuya,_Tokyo)
Which is like a young kids hip district to the Meiji Shrine
which will allow you to see , Harajuku (famous cutting edge fashion
district) and Omotesando a more hipster town. I would recommend doing
this on the weekend because there will a lot of people out and you get
to see the famous cosplayers (costume wearing people) in Harajuku.

walking directions:

If you are the more goth type then a visit to the Aoyama Cemetery is cool. (but please respect the dead)

If you are high society fashion conscious you could hit the 5th avenue
of Tokyo, Ginza.

If the weather is nice a sightseeing trip on the water bus (ferry)
is very cool:


At night , a trip to Roppongi might be fun the infamous nightlife
scene in Tokyo. Not sure if its a couples thing but yea maybe.

Dancing/Night clubs:

The Womb and Club Atom are popular(both in Shibuya).
Myself I’m not a dance club guy so.. but my techno
freak friends seem to like them.

Theme restaurants:
The Ninja Restaurant.
(not great food but hey its a theme restaurant)

Robot Restaurant
one word of advice the name “restaurant” is highly misleading , you want to eat
some food ahead of time and then visit. Their menu is more like snacks and you
can’t order during the showtime. So go eat somewhere before you go. Nevertheless
its a truly Tokyo experience.

I personally would recommend

This restaurant has some great food , and the interior was the
inspiration for the design in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman
fights.You should call ahead to make a reservation.



The Celurian Hotel Bar in Shibuya has an incredible view:

Or the Park Hyatt Hotel Bar (famous from “Lost in Translation”)

An insane dive bar in Roppongi:(its a dive , no really its a dive
but it was popular with the expats . Whatever you do , DO NOT BANG
THE GONG. if you do , you have to buy everybody a drink, and I mean

If you are a Beatles Fan , you might want to check out
Abbey Road. where the a Beatles copy band The Parrots play.
The legend is that they are the only copy band that the
Beatles approved of. ( I personally don’t care about the
Beatles, more of a southern rock guy but..The Japanese
and Australians seem to love the Beatles so..)

If you want some real soul food type stuff
hit up Toribeer in Nakameguro:
its a dive joint that my friend runs, and I’m there
often. They serve lots of different types of cooked
chicken dishes.
They have an english menu.

Pre study before coming to Tokyo:
-Lost in Translation
-Wild Speed/Tokyo Drift (not really reference material
but ..)

Jauntful map of Tokyo: https://jauntful.com/elkentaro/gygGrW0Yj

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